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18 Mar
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QR Code Design is an other idea to get atten­tion on your “prod­uct packaging”

Composition 5.01
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: bur­ton­wood & holmes via Comp­fight


“.….  What can be done?Check out the raw QR. Sim­ple, bor­ing and, as men­tioned pre­vi­ously, it looks like a cross­word puz­zle. You can gen­er­ate one of these via a QR gen­er­a­tor found on many web sites. The next step is up to you. Here are a few exam­ples of QR design. …” read more and source: http://bit.ly/oWuffo


… and please watch this video


Link to the web­site: http://goqr.me/

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