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12 Nov
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from “what-how-why” to “why-how-what”


Build a cult…not a company


source: http://blog.kissmetrics.com

… Apple is eas­ily one of the most rec­og­nized brands in the world. And it has one of the most loyal fan bases, too. Why? Because Apple cre­ated a brand that is way more pop­u­lar than any sin­gle prod­uct they create.

See, it doesn’t mat­ter if it is a Mac, iPhone or iPad. What mat­ters is that it is an Apple.

Com­pare this to Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the Black­berry. Their smart phone is vastly cooler and more pop­u­lar than the com­pany. In fact, ask peo­ple if they’ve ever heard of RIM, and most will give you a blank stare.

In fact, search Black­berry and RIM on Google Insights, and the vol­ume for the prod­uct will be higher than for the com­pany. Do the same thing with Apple and iPhone, and you’ll see that the spikes are always side by side, mean­ing peo­ple talk about the com­pany as much as they talk about their products.

Take­away: Cre­ate prod­ucts and expe­ri­ences that are based upon your brand and core mes­sage in order to cul­ti­vate that almost cult-like con­nec­tion with your cus­tomers. Focus on build­ing the killer brand, not the killer product. … ”


Start with why

” …

Speak­ing of build­ing the killer product—this is how many com­pa­nies begin their brand­ing jour­ney. They look to cre­ate the prod­uct that changes lives and neglect the brand.

Let’s look at Apple again. They will never start with the com­mon what-how-why adver­tis­ing mes­sage. Instead, they flip that for­mula so it is why-how-what. They start off by pro­mot­ing the rea­son why they exist. It’s as if they say some­thing like this: “Apple exists to chal­lenge the sta­tus quo. We empha­size gor­geous design. And we hap­pen to make dig­i­tal devices.”

The reverse of that is this: “Apple makes dig­i­tal devices. They are gor­geously designed. We exist to chal­lenge the sta­tus quo.” See how that can make a dif­fer­ence. The first empha­sizes the mis­sion, while the other empha­sizes the prod­uct. Prod­ucts come and go. A brand should last forever.

Take­away: Get every­one involved in under­stand­ing the mission—the why you exist. This starts at the top and works all the way down to the bot­tom. Then every­one is work­ing to cre­ate a mean­ing­ful way to get peo­ple to see your brand, not just your products. ..”

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21 Apr
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