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This dis­claimer gov­erns your use of my web­site; by using my web­site, you accept this dis­claimer in full. If you dis­agree with any part of this dis­claimer, you must not use my website.

[This web­site may uses cook­ies. By using this web­site and agree­ing to the terms of this dis­claimer, you con­sent to our use of cook­ies in accor­dance with the terms of our [pri­vacy pol­icy / cook­ies policy].]

(2) Credit
This dis­claimer was made using a free SEQ Legal dis­claimer prece­dent avail­able at www.website-law.co.uk. Pre­mium forms avail­able from SEQ Legal include prece­dent terms of sale and supply.

(3) Intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights
Unless oth­er­wise stated, I or my licen­sors own the intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights in the web­site and mate­r­ial on the web­site. Sub­ject to the licence below, all these intel­lec­tual prop­erty rights are reserved. There are links to other web­sites.
I have no respon­si­bil­ity of the con­tent of these sites.

(4) Licence to use web­site
You may view, down­load for caching pur­poses only, and print pages [or [OTHER CON­TENT]] from the web­site for your own per­sonal use, sub­ject to the restric­tions below.

You must not:

(a) repub­lish mate­r­ial from this web­site (includ­ing repub­li­ca­tion on another web­site);
(b) sell, rent or oth­er­wise sub-license mate­r­ial from the web­site;
© show any mate­r­ial from the web­site in pub­lic;
[(d) repro­duce, dupli­cate, copy or oth­er­wise exploit mate­r­ial on our web­site for a com­mer­cial pur­pose;]
[(e) edit or oth­er­wise mod­ify any mate­r­ial on the web­site; or]
[(f) redis­trib­ute mate­r­ial from this web­site [except for con­tent specif­i­cally and expressly made avail­able for redis­tri­b­u­tion [(such as our newsletter)].]

(6) Vari­a­tion
I may revise this dis­claimer from time-to-time. The revised dis­claimer will apply to the use of our web­site from the date of the pub­li­ca­tion of the revised dis­claimer on my web­site. Please check this page reg­u­larly to ensure you are famil­iar with the cur­rent version.

(7) Entire agree­ment
This dis­claimer[, together with my pri­vacy pol­icy,] con­sti­tutes the entire agree­ment between you and me in rela­tion to your use of my web­site, and super­sedes all pre­vi­ous agree­ments in respect of your use of this website.

(8) Law and juris­dic­tion
This dis­claimer will be gov­erned by and con­strued in accor­dance with Eng­lish law, and any dis­putes relat­ing to this dis­claimer will be sub­ject to the [non-]exclusive juris­dic­tion of the courts of Eng­land and Wales.

[(9) Reg­is­tra­tions and authorisations

reg. 81 a High Road, Ben­fleet, SS7 5LN, UK
(10) My details

The full name of my com­pany is Elke Lugert — simple4u.info (freelance)

[I’m reg­is­tered in [Eng­land & Wales]

You can con­tact me by email to elke@simple4u.info

My reg. address: 81 a High Road, Star House, Ben­fleet, Essex, SS7 5LN, UK
My office address — new (2012): Kirch­str. 6, D-08359 Bre­it­en­brunn, OT Ritt., Germany


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