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11 Jan
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My new project Jan. 2013

A new year — a new project !

Hello and wel­come back, my Dear friends,

Frank, a friend of mine, started 3 years ago cre­at­ing his own music, after play­ing in dif­fer­ent bands, actu­ally we spent our teenage time together and I trav­eled a lot around with him and his band — long, long time ago, … ha, ha .. get­ting old.

Any­way, now, Frank will release his fourth album in Spring 2013. The music is done, all is in the “box”, we are wait­ing only for the CD cover design and print.
The fourth album “Bosporus” includes more ori­en­tal influ­ence — I’m really excited.

So, any­way, I started cre­at­ing his new web­site in Eng­lish, which is still under con­struc­tion. Mark (Bayliss Graph­ics) helped me a lot with the trans­la­tion from Ger­man to Eng­lish ‚…  and he is still doing it. Thanks Mark !

But we have to do a lot more: social net­work (Pin­ter­est, Twit­ter, Face­book, etc. …), Mark startet the pro­duc­tion of some videos for YouTube and as I said, the cover design of the new album is on the way,  I’m cre­at­ing the first con­cept of the PR, not easy for me, .… if some­body would like to get involved please write me an e-mail.

Please have a first look at the new website:

Thanks a lot to everybody !

Best wishes from Elke

Band The Flame

3 Oct
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an Octo­ber song

25 Aug
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be good

15 Apr
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What I do at the moment:

Angel of Berlin (Victory Column/Siegessäule)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Comp­fight


Most of my expe­ri­ence in the graphic indus­try is use­ful  for the hotel –and cater­ing branch as well. In the moment I’m  work­ing as a free­lance mar­ket­ing advi­sor for a medium sized hotel in Ger­many, near Berlin. This is my main project in March and April 2012. I real­ized where the main prob­lem zones are in the hotel, because luck­ily I know it from the past, back to 2007/2008.

To cre­ate a good work­ing con­cept incl. a new web design is at least a 10-week full time job for one per­son.
Start­ing with the redesign of the cor­po­rate iden­tity of the hotel incl. the restau­rant and end­ing with a lot of con­sult­ing hours I have done so far a good job there. My main focus after fin­ish­ing the design work is to teach the staff how to work with social media accounts and how to improve the cus­tomer ser­vice. This is one of my main focus when I do a project for a company.

A basic think­ing should be: only if the col­leagues are happy, the cus­tomers and guests will be happy as well.
I learned a lot from Sainsbury’s and I’m thank­ful that I’ve got the oppor­tu­nity to work in this com­pany for over two years.
Espe­cially  in Ger­many we can learn a lot from the UK in the cus­tomer ser­vice field. Back in Ger­many I see every day a lot of mis­takes, also after got spoiled in Eng­land and in Asia in the last 4 years.

What else can I tell you? I real­ized that not many small Ger­man com­pa­nies take the advan­tage of social media oppor­tu­ni­ties to get more out of their mar­ket­ing efforts and pub­lic relationship.

If you find some mis­takes in the this arti­cle — I say sorry, my Eng­lish is not per­fect, please feel free to tell me what I did wrong.
There will be soon a Ger­man ver­sion of this web­site avail­able. This will be much eas­ier for me to write some articles.

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