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14 Jan
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Google Maps Business View let customers see inside

14 Jan
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Finally we finished the first German version of

9 Jan
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Googles see inside

Googles “Business View” – another way to show your business: From Inside

Finally we man­aged to cre­ate the logo for our new project “” — it was a bit of a bat­tle to get it done, three dif­fer­ent mean­ings, three dif­fer­ent tastes .. Can you imag­ine what was going on yes­ter­day .. no and yes and no and nearly ..   now we got it — what do you think?

see inside logo


What the “” does: Our bril­liant pho­tog­ra­pher Bern­hard has a Google Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion as a pho­tog­ra­pher to pro­duce the pic­tures for Google’s See Inside projects. Soon our web­site will be pub­lished, if we ever finish it … ha, ha .. with our three dif­fer­ent tastes men­tal­ly .. So, in the moment we are in Ger­many to do the pro­duc­tion for Hotels and Restau­rants and for some small shops. We are very excited to start our new project, we call it “The 2015 see inside gig”, and we are excited to meet all the lovely busi­ness own­ers and learn a lot about their dif­fer­ent requirements and businesses. Please feel free to con­tact us via e-mail if you have some­thing to say, it would mean the world for us to get some feedback.

Here is an exam­ple — the famous Bern­hard pro­duced this for  “Küchen Trio” in Alzey, Germany.



11 Jan
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My new project Jan. 2013

A new year – a new project !

Hello and welcome back, my Dear friends,

Frank, a friend of mine, started 3 years ago creating his own music, after playing in different bands, actually we spent our teenage time together and I traveled a lot around with him and his band — long, long time ago, … ha, ha .. getting old.

Anyway, now, Frank will release his fourth album in Spring 2013. The music is done, all is in the “box”, we are waiting only for the CD cover design and print.
The fourth album “Bosporus” includes more oriental influence – I’m really excited.

So, anyway, I started creating his new website in English, which is still under construction. Mark (Bayliss Graphics) helped me a lot with the translation from German to English ,…  and he is still doing it. Thanks Mark !

But we have to do a lot more: social network (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. …), Mark startet the production of some videos for YouTube and as I said, the cover design of the new album is on the way,  I’m creating the first concept of the PR, not easy for me, …. if somebody would like to get involved please write me an e-mail.

Please have a first look at the new website:

Thanks a lot to everybody !

Best wishes from Elke

Band The Flame

3 Oct
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an October song

25 Aug
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be good

15 Apr
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What I do at the moment:

Angel of Berlin (Victory Column/Siegessäule)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Werner Kunz via Compfight


Most of my experience in the graphic industry is useful  for the hotel -and catering branch as well. In the moment I’m  working as a freelance marketing advisor for a medium sized hotel in Germany, near Berlin. This is my main project in March and April 2012. I realized where the main problem zones are in the hotel, because luckily I know it from the past, back to 2007/2008.

To create a good working concept incl. a new web design is at least a 10-week full time job for one person.
Starting with the redesign of the corporate identity of the hotel incl. the restaurant and ending with a lot of consulting hours I have done so far a good job there. My main focus after finishing the design work is to teach the staff how to work with social media accounts and how to improve the customer service. This is one of my main focus when I do a project for a company.

A basic thinking should be: only if the colleagues are happy, the customers and guests will be happy as well.
I learned a lot from Sainsbury’s and I’m thankful that I’ve got the opportunity to work in this company for over two years.
Especially  in Germany we can learn a lot from the UK in the customer service field. Back in Germany I see every day a lot of mistakes, also after got spoiled in England and in Asia in the last 4 years.

What else can I tell you? I realized that not many small German companies take the advantage of social media opportunities to get more out of their marketing efforts and public relationship.

If you find some mistakes in the this article – I say sorry, my English is not perfect, please feel free to tell me what I did wrong.
There will be soon a German version of this website available. This will be much easier for me to write some articles.

8 Mar
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Elke Karin Lugert EmilOtto on The Tweeted Times

Elke Karin Lugert EmilOtto on The Tweeted Times.